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Welcome to the DTX Studio™ suite and IPS CaseDesigner® documentation library .

This site is intended for dental professionals only. Please be aware that the content of the Instructions for Use may vary based on the regulatory requirements in your country. Please note that some products detailed in these Instructions for Use may not be regulatory cleared, released or licensed for sale in all markets.

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About this Documentation Library

This library provides you with current Instructions for Use (IFUs) for our products as well as access to archived versions which are superseded and no longer valid. Archived IFUs will be marked with a ‘superseded’ watermark.

The IFUs are available in several languages.

Use the Search field to find the IFUs you need. Enter product name and/or product UDI-DI provided in the About box of the software. The matching files are shown in the search result. Select the relevant file to view it on your screen or to print it.

We strongly advise against storing IFUs locally. If you do store them locally, we highly recommend that you consult this library before using the software, to check that you have the latest version of the relevant IFUs.

To get a free printed copy of an IFU, please contact your local customer service representative. You will receive your copy at the latest within seven calendar days after we receive your request. 

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